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Freedom Week Part 02 - Nathan Goldman & Enon Avital

Nathan Goldman

11 - Managing a perfect work schedule
12 - Learning how long it takes to get the work done
13 - How to determine the budget you need and the budget the client will pay
14 - Saving money when you have inconsistent income
15 - When you say no, are you saying no forever? Do clients come back after hearing no?

Enon Avital

16 - Designing your freelance schedule
17 - Creating healthy boundaries for your freelance clients
18 - Making contracts that work for you
19 - Learning how to pick that clients that will work for you
20 - Supply and demand of spare time. Determining your value

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Freedom Week Part 01 - Sean Mort & Tallboy

Sean Mort

01 - How to quit your day job slowly
02 - Deciding to freelance under your name versus a studio name
03 - When to quit the day job and go full-time freelance
04 - Working from home with a baby
05 - Going on the road to meet your customers and to spread your freelance brand

Tallboy & Surprise Guest Krusty

06 - How to convince your early clients to give you money for your dream work
07 - Working in a day job in a different industry
08 - When do you know it's time to dive back in
09 - When to quit doing freelance for clients
10 - Letting someone else take care of the booking.

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603 - Presenting Your Work To Clients with Billy Baumann

How you visually present your ideas behind closed doors is as important as the final product everyone sees. This workshop will help you build an unshakeable bridge between creative and client that will put you a cut above a crowded marketplace. Stay ahead of it all with a well-thought-out plan all held between a cover page and a thank you.

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601 - Concept And Production Art with Jason Edmiston

Mark Brickey sits down with Jason Edmiston to break apart the wind up before the canvas he takes with each piece to consistently produce jaw dropping work. From troubleshooting your composition to nailing down a color story, every step you need to set yourself up for success is explained and scrutinized for over an hour and a half in this workshop.

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