599 - Saving Money For Freelancers with Sean Mort

It's time for a difficult dose of the truth; saving money as a freelance creative will be difficult to accomplish. Between the Net Ninety paydays always coming in a few weeks later than you wanted and all the financial stresses that undeniably come from running your own business it can seem pointless to even open a savings account. Lucky for you Mark Brickey and Sean Mort sit down to share financial tips and tricks they've used for years to stay above zero and out of the red. This workshop will help you develop a plan that will work for your unique situation that is flexible enough to withstand anything thrown at it and help you build better financial habits once those actually show up and get cashed. Forget the faceless blogs that have are full of plans that won't work for your unique lifestyle and take down some notes from your favorite podcast duo on how to effectively save money as a freelancer.

Talking Points

  • A pre workshop pep talk for the difficult road ahead.

  • Get up close and personal with your budget.

  • How to pay yourself first.

  • Games to help hide money from yourself.

  • Designing a dark spot in your bank account to stay in the right mindset.

  • Finding the real bottom line.

  • Diversifying your saving strategies.

  • Congratulations you made too much money! Now save it.

  • The cushion that keeps you pushing.

  • Adding your equation into the initial invoice.

  • Fun projects for an early retirement.

  • Specialization and opportunity.

  • Finding the constant in the chaos for a financial peace of mind.


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Mark and Billy take a long look at looming financial changes on the horizon of Trump's New America. Whether you listen to this episode tomorrow or ten years from now, this Shop Talk can help you understand the mindset you need to be when you're more or less on your own.

Ok. Ok. That's enough about losing money. This workshop with Sean Mort and Greg Kerr is the first part on making money through wholesale. Add another arm to your income stream the right way and get your foot in the long term game of wholesale.