598 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann

Bang the drum for this week's Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and Mark Brickey rounding out another batch of AID goodness. The Cobra is in fine form today as he immediately strikes on everything from selling single pages out of a book to decoding another artist's layer laden file. Mark uses his deft investigative journalism to pry out some behind the scenes details on the recent Dave Matthews poster Delicious Design League took on. Things can get tricky when you're playing in the big leagues and Billy tells all to turn his experience into a learning one for us all. Don't miss their expert advice on color separations and how planning ahead with your file can save you a few headaches at the finish line. Most importantly, let this Shop Talk act as a much needed reminder to any creatives who feel beaten down that we all can strategically pick our battles as designers and fight for our ideas when the timing is right. Street by street. Block by block. Taking most of it all back.

Talking Points

  • A new bootleg poster scam of jpeg reprints or getting ahead of the vintage ad game?
  • Cart logic. 
  • Delicious Design League's unconventional diptych approach and the world of Dave Matthews. 
  • Buying Chicago or Apple as a long term investment. 
  • Who gets what cut of a gig poster?
  • The problem when unqualified people get a taste of being the puppeteer without any applicable experience in their background. 
  •  Creating for approval instead of what is right and the rationale behind taking it just for sanity's sake. 
  • Finding the rhythm between work and passion. 
  • The art is just the start and the increasingly complex world of color separations. 
  • Getting an education through hands on experience. 
  • Industry expansion from coloring books to mezzotints and transparent inks. 
  • Decoding another artist's file or just developing your own process. 
  • Hitting yellow and seeing red.