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Are you a freelancer? Do you work for yourself?
Do you have dreams about stepping out on your own?

I’ve been a freelancer since I was an adult, I worked for myself my entire life in the world of design, the music industry, printmaking, and now building the AID Network.

I’m here to help you build a solid foundation.
Let me show you how to reverse-engineer the numbers in your life, to figure out the math you need to know how to price jobs, and how to know when it’s time to take that leap into full-time freelance, or to start that brand you’ve been dreaming of.

I’m not here to sell you coaching.
The Circle of Trust Training Camp is not a five-step program to success. That’s not a real thing, and if anyone tries to sell you a quick fix, run away. In my many years of freelance I discovered patterns that helped me refocus myself, and figured out better ways to plan better towards success. The ten weeks of Training Camp are all about sharing these lessons, and learning how to shift the perspective on your dreams to actionable plans.

Training Camp is about you.
Each session is built around a topic that I talk about in depth, sharing my lifelong experiences and lessons. We then continue with a conversation around that week’s topic, where each of the ten participants dissects the information and discovers how it fits into their goals and plans.

If you are:
A freelancer, or working for yourself, or have dreams about stepping out on your own, the Circle of Trust Training Camp might be your best tool for building a solid foundation in life. Join me for ten sessions over ten weeks, and let’s get down to business.

— Mark Brickey



For me, the greatness of Training Camp has been in the details.

Life's lesson's are usually learned the hard way - through trial and error and experience. But every now and again somebody comes along and teaches you that little life-hack, photoshop shortcut, or insider tip that changes everything and takes you to the next level. THAT is the beauty of training camp. It take what's best about Adventures in Design, and goes granular. Each week Mark does a deep dive on a specific topic, and then takes the time to point out the relevant bits to each one of the students particular situation.

If that isn't enough to get you on board. You'll also come out of it with some solid bros. It's awesome to have a support network of buds spread out across the globe, going through the same journey are.”

Jack Daniel Bagdadi

Barely a quarter of the way into the training camp and I've already gotten my money's worth. The tools and insight to the insight behind them is invaluable.

As a full-time in-house designer for the last decade, I've always dabbled in freelance here and there. But I never had a solid business structure to how that side of my career ran.

Now, I'm starting to build a stronger foundation in how I approach freelance work. I have a clearer vision of the career I'm pursuing. And we've barely scratched the surface.
Thank you,”

Neil Vilppu

10 years in my career and 5 years as a full time freelance illustrator and graphic designer, I thought I already had a lot of things figured out.

But two classes in, and the Training Camp already helped me set up better pricing structures!

Can't wait to see what's next!”

Throughout the years, the podcast really helped me flesh out my craft as well as my business. I felt it was a natural progression to jump in when I found out about the Training camp. Boy, was I right!

Working from home, it's sometimes hard to get feedback from your peers, but to be with a creative group of people from around the globe whiling to share their experience while benefiting from Mark's knowledge and solution-based process, it's simply priceless!

Can't thank Mark enough for setting this up and for his guidance in this process!”

Pier-Luc from St-Germain Fabrique, Montréal, Canada

More Sessions Starting 2020

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Session 3:
August 2019

The third Training Camp is currently in session, where we’re covering the following topics:

  • Determine Your Value

  • Setting Up A Contract

  • Negotiating Terms

  • Managing Your Work Week

  • Finding Time For You

  • Setting Goals

  • Reverse Engineering Your Dream

  • Telling Your Brand Story

  • Managing Money As A Freelancer

  • Creating Revenue Streams



Session 2:
April 2019


Listen to the second session’s graduation Shop Talk episode featuring the Training Camp team members, each sharing what they learned on the journey and how the tools shared by Mark Brickey will help them each better navigate their creative futures.



Session 1:
January 2019


Listen to the graduation Shop Talk episode featuring the Training Camp team members, each sharing what they learned on the journey and how the tools shared by Mark Brickey will help them each better navigate their creative futures.

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