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Beth Manos Brickey shares everything she has learned about the food we eat for a healthier workday

There is a direct connection between how well your mind and body can function with the fuel you give it. Not only in the frequency of that fuel, but the quality as well.

It can be very difficult to work your way through conflicting information and deliberately misleading labels and Beth Manos Brickey joins us to share everything she has learned about the food we eat on her road to becoming a nutritional therapist.

The five steps (and a few impromptu quizzes) found in this interview are the initial steps you can easily take to harness more energy than you ever dreamed imaginable to stay focused and creative all day long. What we give our bodies to use is as critical to your career as having a budget or a contract. Throw that diet soda out the window and put down that carbohydrate tube to design health and well being into the daily choices you make on what and when to eat.

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