597 - May Poster Countdown with Mitch Putnam




Every month Mitch Putnam and Mark Brickey pour over OMGposters.com to put together a Top Ten Countdown that seems to continually raise the bar of greatness contained between four corners. The month of May was no exception to this phenomena as artists vied for the top spot on the countdown or found their way into Mitch's Treasure Chest for worthwhile comments and observations. Piece by jaw dropping piece is picked apart to show what sets it apart from the rest by two heavy hitters in the design world that have seen every trick in the book and have some behind the scenes facts that illuminate the lesser known semantic side of the work itself. As their analyzation unfolds you can apply the same concepts to further your own career and use top shelf tips and tricks that other industry greats had to discover the hard way. With visionary artists like Daniel Danger, Becky Cloonan, James Flames, and more filling up the countdown its inevitable that you'll learn how they manipulate the two dimensional space to capture unforgettable moments and spark a viewer's imagination.

Talking Points

  • The best and worst designed sports city in the United States. 
  • The watermark of superstar level success and breaking out of our art world in very unprecedented ways. 
  • Intellectual discrepancies between how you see your client and how they see themselves. 
  • Consumer products and marketing objectives pulling art in opposite directions. 
  • Composition, collage, and unique perspectives on familiar themes.
  • Achieving richness and subtlety in screenprinting. 
  • The risks of one color prints, owning official Disney artwork, and screenprints that legitimately look like paintings. 
  • The execution kills the concept that needed an art director to save it. 
  • Getting your heart hooked into your work and albums you should listen to just once. 
  • The leap into the metaphorical. 
  • Becky Cloonan's seamless transition from comic books. 
  • Soaking in a mentor's influence and making it your own. 
  • A quick dip into the Marvel Universe. 
  • Dual format designs and the difference between blouse imagery and poster illustration. 
  • Evolving backwards from the Frank Kozik coloring style as printing techniques improve. 
  • Powerful movie poster archetypes and developing a new approach to old properties.

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • The cover of the novel within the film that became a poster representing the time period it came from. 
  • Watching an artist on an epic journey through space and time as they continually reinvent themselves. 
  • Understanding your market and how you can gear your business model towards it. 
  • Deliberately wonky work made by hand.
  • Walking away from women and building out your poster to utilize the medium. 
  • The difficulty in miniaturizing a film and multiple illustration styles that run the gamut.
  • Client reactions to minimalistic approaches. 
  • Managing your audience's varying artistic demands. 
  • From scratch board to laser etching to continually innovate your medium. 
  • Drawing from the greats to find a style that doesn't allow for revisions. 
  • Living in highlight and a unique take on a fan favorite. 
  • Giant comic book covers and banking off some very rooted hype. 
  • Jim Fire is making the culture of screenprinting look bad with his new artistic direction.
  • Determination, results, and cosplaying as James' agent. 
  • Honoring icons and the murky waters of cashing in on celebrity deaths. 
  • Making toys and more at Mondo. 
  • The thought process behind timed editions. 
  • Beating the game with a dirty little secret successful bloggers use all the time. 
  • Transitioning out of the gig poster world into experimental new areas that highlight your skills. 
  • Taking on ten challenges in one poster and the two voices of Landland. 


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Jessica took the top spot this month and Mark and Mitch mentioned the two voices of Landland. AID 366 is an interview with both halves of this illustrative powerhouse going over how they came to be and where they want to go as artists. This one is an AID classic double interview.

One of the best ways to understand an artist is to see their influences. Gary Pulin made the list this month with his Halloween 2 poster and last October we had him on for a Creep Week Countdown of his own making filled with horror posters he loves.