600 - Portfolio Do's And Don'ts with DKNG Studios

Learn how to show the world the work you want to do as Dan Kuhlken, Nathan Goldman, and Mark Brickey lay out the do's and don'ts of crafting your portfolio. Between the physical and digital realm a portfolio can take on so many shapes with various pros and cons amongst each iteration. DKNG and Mark Brickey have reviewed hundreds of portfolios and their advice from the other side of the table can help you fine tune what you need to add, subtract, or update. A portfolio showcases your creative talents, problem solving intellect, and communication skills all in quick glance so use this workshop as a way to get that competitive edge on other artists going for the same gig. This workshop will transform your portfolio into a resource you can use again and again to land more jobs and get more money.

Talking Points

  • The many faces of the portfolio in today's world.

  • What do you want your portfolio to accomplish for you?

  • Have talking points for every piece.

  • How many pieces do you need in a portfolio?

  • Making your project seem real.

  • Emotionally detaching from your work and going all the way.

  • Starters and finishers

  • Having good judgement and boiling things down to your best work.

  • Taking your portfolio online and differentiating between a list of services.

  • Formatting your pieces to have a consistent through line.

  • Customizing your portfolio for the job you want.

  • Quick round of do's and don'ts.


  • Craft your portfolio to work for what you want.

  • Use self initiated pieces to show people what you're capable of.

  • Have information about each piece that you showcases the passion you have for your work.

  • Make sure each component of your portfolio can stand on its own.

  • Vary the application of your work in real world settings to cast the widest net possible.

  • Show your work in a way that visually stimulates the person that's hiring you.

  • Play devil's advocate with your work and practice in mock interviews.

  • Learn to listen during an interview and ask for more than they offer.


  • Cut your Michael Bay pieces and don't have too many pieces included in your portfolio.

  • Don't become emotionally attached to sub par pieces.

  • Make sure every project included looks like a finished thought.

  • Avoid hot button topics unless it fits the job you;re applying for.

  • Remove any pieces that show poor judgement.

  • Remember... it's a portfolio, not an archive of all the work you've ever done.

  • Keep it under twelve pieces in your portfolio.

  • Don't take a failed interview personally.


  • Create a through line across your work to show off your problem solving skills.

  • Group similar wok into services you can offer.

  • Design your resume to the same high standard.

  • Switch out projects to customize your portfolio toward the job you want.

  • Only show work you're excited about.


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