441 - 12 Tips To Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More with Nathan Goldman of DKNG Studios

Originally planned as a bonus content episode for this week, but due to a limited schedule and a couple of very last minute interview cancelations, this advance episode is also next Thursday's COT episode.  However, I wanted to get you all something good this week, although the Print Mafia bomb may be the best thing we ever recorded. 

Anyway, last week while traveling around I kept brainstorming what was every way possible that I could think of to recommend to you, on how to manage your client relationships and keep people coming back to you for more. I enlisted Nathan Goldman to bounce my ideas off of and to see what experience he could bring to the table. I believe that a combination of these 12 tips, mixed with your personalty and unique situation, will help you see a more profitable business, where you can be proactive in finding projects that are not only easier to get, but make you more excited to do work that you are proud of. 

Mark Brickey