440 - CMND / SHIFT 2016 - Nathan Goldman, Tad Carpenter and John Forrest

Mark, Nathan Goldman, and Tad Carpenter hit the stage and record live at Command Shift in Sacramento California to discuss their experiences being a creative professional and working for yourself. Everyone knows that one person that inspired them  to the path of making a living off of their talents. Although it won’t always be glamorous,  there is a moment when you just know it's going to work out. Working towards those high and low moments of a creative career are crucial to its development. The guys explore some of their challenges and triumphs and how they learned and grew from their experiences. John the Wizard Forester, joins the conversation about being that inspiration to get younger students on the path to a fulfilling creative career. Take the perspectives of this great conversation and understand that there is no right way to do this crazy lifestyle. Never command A and select all. You have to copy and paste elements that work for you, your talents, and your goals. 

Talking Points

  • Choosing your path and being selective 
  • Self initiated projects to get the work you want
  • Collaborating to elevate the art within the community  
  • Don’t be afraid to ask other professionals questions 
  • Adjusting the work to match the client budget
  • Be aware of your time and your value
  • Making the most out of each proposal 
  • Getting hired for the work you want to do and how having many different styles or niches can help you but also hurt you.
  • Being able to talk the creative language 
  • Adjusting pricing from past experience  
  • Is hourly rate pricing right for you?
  • Working with a business partners 
  • Being emotionally attached to your work and always criticizing your own work
  • John Forester the Sacramento  wizard joins the conversation
  • Being an inspiration to other students and creatives
  • The moment when its going to work out 
  • What/ Who got you on the path?
  • Creating the path that is right for you