439 - COT Exclusive Print Mafia Intervention Follow Up Special With Connie Collingsworth

Pulled from Thursday COT content with Connie Collingsworth.

In today's Circle of Trust bonus content Mark and Connie follow up on the newly famed Print Mafia intervention of Episode 439. Connie offers retrospective insight into the state of Print Mafia following that conversation. They analyze the many variables that create and maintain success. A fire was started within the community and this is just the beginning of a conversation of just what can happen when you dive too deep without a game plan. Plus, does Mark support starving artists? Is success something to be ashamed of? And how do you prepare yourself for the ever changing future? All of this only available in the Circle of Trust.

Talking Points

- Following up on the intervention and observing its impact on the AID community
- Jumping in without a game plan
- Chasing client pay cheques vs creating products that can last forever
- A realistic look at the state of the "print" as a viable consumer product
- How have things changed since the intervention?
- Variables that create financial security
- Choosing to be a starving artist
- The increasing trend of success shaming that's been flooding Mark's inbox
- Maintaining the conversation going forward
- Future proofing yourself for when the future shifts out of your favour