MOT: Cassette 07 of 10 "The Checklist"

ISSION OF TRUST: Cassette 07 of 10

Mark reviews last week's episode, reads responses from the comment section and helps folks think small, so that they can create something big! But is it too big? Review your checklist of actionable items to make sure you didn't make a laundry list of projects that have their own longer list of nested tasks to complete. By creating truly actionable steps and reviewing them against your crossroads will help you find realistic steps that will help you down the road to success as you accomplish each one.

"Making the time to do your dream is what separates the people that have a beautiful career from those that just have good ideas and good intentions."

Talking Points

  • Why The Mission Of Trust deliberately reflects real life projects.

  • Reviewing last week's three participants and the wide spectrum they represent.

  • Sharpening your tools, finding whats next, and taking some Tough Love.

  • Making a checklist with actions and not projects.

  • The problem with a dream that is too big to begin with.

  • Closing in on your striking distance as you find your identity.

  • Private Pinterest Boards for the win!

  • Are you thinking too big?

  • The value in other peoples experiences and the importance in reviewing the Comments Section on each Cassette of The Mission Of Trust.

  • Are you going to make great things happen or are you going to make excuses?