The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 465 - Jim Madison

The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 06/20
AID 465

Following your dream takes a passionate fire that isn't easily put out. Talent and determination are two of the most important factors to success but can be disastrous without the third component: a plan. After a couple hundred episodes of Adventures In Design under his belt Jim Madison of Print Mafia quit his day job and set out for the fame of fortune of self employment. But what led Jim to make those choices and how did he justify his actions from both a personal and professional standpoint? What was missing from Jim's initial run at independence and after he has his feet back under him what are his next few steps going to be? This Sounds Like Shit is the intervention follow up we all want to hear for one of our heroes in the AID Universe, Jim Madison. When you need the inspiration to pick things up and try again... this is where you start. Now let's make Jim Madison great again!

Talking Points

  • Listening to metal in '85
  • Hiding behind Eddie and the art of bringing metal to the masses.
  • The song that changed everything on a Friday night.
  • Handwritten type sneaking onto album covers.
  • The earliest Xbox sticker and how dyslexics love logos.
  • Finding the right medium to communicate with others.
  • Where does the motivation to create come from?
  • Pushing the envelope to redefine whats acceptable.
  • Claiming your creative stake in an unusual place.
  • Transcending zip codes to bring a big city idea back to your hometown.
  • Does Bowling Green have everything an artists needs professionally and personally.
  • Learning about yourself through parenthood and trying to get comfortable.
  • Putting business first and the toll it takes on the family.
  • Losing love over working hard, being a good husband, and handling your addictions.
  • Filling the emptiness and learning where to improve.
  • A reckoning with your own destruction.
  • Multiple meltdowns and the great gig poster fallout.
  • Making up for the past at the cost of a career.
  • Blaming AID for dreaming big.
  • Giving everything and starting from scratch.
  • Blurred intentions, finding the right time, and breaking out on your own.
  • Dependence, control, and freedom.
  • Mending the fences within the mafia.
  • Laying out the prequel and planning for the future.
  • Making expectations based on dependable income.
  • Baselines to peace of mind.
  • Exceeding minimums to buy creepy American Girl Dolls.
  • Quadrupling your bank account.
  • Using your brain to plot and scheme while you're pulling squeegees.
  • Side hustles and singing one way.
  • A recap since the intervention.
  • Making Jim Madison great again.
  • Establishing goals, defining financials, and the first few baby steps to greatness.