The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 454 - Johnny Cupcakes

The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 05/20
AID 454

For over a decade Johnny Cupcakes has redefined retail through experience design. At first glance you may think Johnny Earle built a streetwear brand or you might think you're waiting in a very long line for what must be an incredible bakery... and either way you'd be wrong. Johnny Cupcakes knew that the true value in his brand and the way to create an unwavering customer base was to give them something more than a poly cotton blend tee adorned by a clever design. From the packaging to the point of purchase, Johnny Cupcakes employed every trick that is and isn't in the book to keep his customers wondering what he would cook up next. From coffins to ice cream trucks to vanilla car fresheners you'll hear first hand how this one time magician captivated an audience for over a decade with his imagination.

Talking Points

  • Setting Cupcake logos on fire and the Johnny's early days.
  • Being a serial entrepreneur and John The Magic Boy.
  • Beating the school store and getting your first 144 whoopee cushions.
  • The On Broken Wings oder add-on that started it all.
  • Finding the benefits behind your obstacle.
  • The greatest leap of faith and trusting your vision.
  • Halfstepping through life or going all in.
  • Utilizing your space five different ways to win.
  • Tricking the general public and engaging strangers.
  • Commercial Grade Refrigerators or Ikea shelves?
  • Building a family owned t shirt bakery.
  • Making an idea or product more than an idea or a product.
  • The Wall of Ovens that raised the retail bar.
  • Eating with Winnie Cooper and marrying your toughest critic.
  • Realizing when a dream has become a prison.
  • Paying attention to your P and L.
  • The difficult decisions that have to be made to regain control of your vision.
  • Managing people and ignoring your business hat.
  • Screwing up, trying new things, and challenging yourself.
  • The undercurrent of success that can drag you down.
  • Getting your customers to advertise for you.
  • Connecting with minds, hearts, and stomachs to make something more than just a design.
  • The process of licensing and pulling Clark Orr's leg.
  • Cute overload for collectors and keeping to the key line.
  • Franchising, investors, and keeping your creative control.
  • The Undertaker Baker does Halloween right while bucking traditional advertising methods.
  • Outdoing yourself on a regular basis.
  • If it all went away... what would Johnny Earle do next.
  • Googling someone's net worth.
  • The secret to customer loyalty.