The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 387 - Khoi Vinh

The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 04/20
AID 387

We sit at the cusp of the next wave in how productivity is measured within the world of art. Adobe products are integral tools in our daily abilities to make a living and they are tackling the budding world of mobile apps. Khoi Vinh is at the heart of these developments. As the Adobe Director of Mobile Product Design, Khoi is addressing how we interact with these everyday tools and even more importantly where we interact these tools. It's almost insulting to call the device in our pockets a phone when we look at their capabilities and Adobe is giving us all the leverage to use that through their host of apps that relate directly to what artist's need while they are away form their traditional workstations. One thing is definite, how we approach design problems is about to change drastically and Khoi gives us a behind the scenes look at where things are headed.

Talking Points

  • Switching jobs between large and small companies and the start-up vibe at Adobe.
  • Fragmenting a larger company into smaller, more agile departments.
  • Adobe's switch form selling perpetual licenses to subscriptions.
  • Moving your workstation from your office to your phone.
  • The pains of pleasing veterans on a new platform.
  • Breaking up design tasks to where they make sense to accomplish them.
  • The fragility of precision on touch devices and how Adobe handles that.
  • Adobe Comp CC and it's future at Adobe.
  • The core customer for Adobe and their focus on simplicity.
  • The current divide between workstations and tablets for professionals.
  • The curve in the adaptation of technology for users.
  • Rethinking traditional methods to utilize new tools.
  • The value in mobile apps for Adobe.
  • Turning your product's name into a verb.
  • The importance in understanding your customer and how to make better products for them.
  • How to keep employees engaged.
  • Choosing your career path to focus on what you want in life.
  • Learning about creativity from youth.
  • Seeing how the next generation interacts with touch software.
  • Understanding how various age groups perceive leaps in technology.
  • The current trend of minimalism in UI and how it mimics the evolution of painting.
  • Will general design knowledge knowledge become an assumed skill?
  • Does being featured as a Top 50 Designer change your world?
  • Design = Love and why sitting on a chair is better than sitting on a log.
  • Learning from other people's mistakes.
  • How the subscription model allows for more updates and a quicker schedule.