MOT: Cassette 04 of 10 "The Benefactor"

MISSION OF TRUST: Cassette 04 of 10

Money. That sometimes elusive beast is what we are after on the final component of the first act of the Mission Of Trust. Throughout the week you need to analyze your cash flow and see where there is some room to set aside money to invest in yourself. Is it $50 a week or is is 5% of any paid invoices? This will be up to you but keep what you can afford realistic and actionable because it is an important component of the springboard we are building to take your business to the next level. Could you go with a few less nights out each month? Do you really need that Starbucks every morning? Is Hulu even really that good? Track down where your dollars are going and let's set some aside to start working for you. Next week the Mission Of Trust will take everything you've done form the first four cassettes so be sure you are caught up and the lists and notes you've made about yourself are all in place!

"Use that money to liberate you."

Talking Points

  • Recapping the first three cassettes.

  • Lining up your money with your reality.

  • Deciding on dollar amounts or picking a percentage.

  • Setting aside money that will be working for you.

  • Making realistic projections on what you can invest in yourself.

  • How the Comments on each Cassette's Message Board will help you succeed.

  • The next act and developing a community of fellow Mission Of Trusters.