496 - Tube 10: Breaking News with Sean Mort

Tube 10 - Sean Mort's Big Bucket of Yellow Brooch
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Breaking News takes over the airwaves with our 10th Tube and a long overdue episode from Dem Snicket Boys. Sean Mort and Mark Brickey answer all the questions you've been dying to hear the answers to and mix in some great stories, a little career advice, and some good old fashioned ball busting. Breaking News takes questions ranging from starting your career in digital art to explaining the multitude of release strategies for releasing physical copies of your art. What's the best way to send products to your customers? Are you trying to impress your friends with your talents or are you trying to develop a following? Do craft fairs get crazier than you think they would? The International Bromance reunites to put these questions to rest and brighten up the week to come with a big bucket of yellow.

Talking Points

  • Was Sean kicked out of the Circle Of Trust?
  • Mondays move behind the paid wall in 2017 to be better for everyone.
  • Hashing out problems with your friends instead of in front of everyone.
  • Getting out from behind the truck.
  • Creating content around your product and other promotional tips.
  • The steering wheel situation from the other side of the snicket.
  • Sending out smaller prints the Wendy's way.
  • Impressing your friends or moving units.
  • Fag City / Cali For Mia / Booth Breast Feeding
  • Print Trading Lies / The Worst Booth / Hipster Body Rock Fights / Strawberry Shortcake Elephant Ears / Beth Gets Pushed And Heads Get Kicked In
  • From individually unwrapped American Cheese slices to expensive artisan cheese trays.
  • Open editions, variants, numbered prints, and secondary markets.
  • Balancing cash flow, developing your following, and splitting the difference.
  • A little food for thought on the current state of The Walking Dead.
  • Mark drops the ball on Sean's Balls and the only appropriate time to wear shorts.
  • The potential in self driving cars.
  • Mark's burial plans explained in full.
  • Seeing where Sean lives and the joy of traveling.
  • Digital art entry points.
  • Long term plays on merch and gauging your stock.
  • Other podcasts that won't break up the bromance.
  • Planning out the Bucket Of Yellow enamel pin sale.
  • Rogue One plans and predictions.