495 - Tube 11: Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and OK Pants

Bang the holiday drum because the holidays have come to Shop Talk as we open up the 11th Tube Of Christmas. The boys stay well off course today to keep everyone's spirits bright after a long week of settling in for the long lines and crowded parking lots that loom ahead. Billy almost gets fired from Delicious, Mark's plane loses a passenger, and all the while our personal Tiny Tim, OK Pants is trying to keep things positive. The iPad Pro receives a final AID verdict and we all uncover what Instagram has been hiding with Al Gore's Rhythm and why. Shop Talk ends on a high note as Mark, Billy, and Aaron square off in a heated debate over the superheroes and supervillains that have impacted us the most.  

Talking Points

  • A standing issue with horses.
  • Rolling out a blouse of positivity.
  • The Hanukah Metrics, custom menorahs, and our favorite eight legged holiday mascot.
  • Flying with a one year old and upgrading to Rogue.
  • Cloud based file saving systems and the missing laptop that got away.
  • Mid-Atlantic Emergencies with Mark.
  • A final ruling on the iPad Pro from Mark and Billy.
  • Microsoft inches ahead for creative professionals.
  • What to do with more than one iPad.
  • From the backwoods to the bleachers at Disneyland.
  • Holiday Havoc looms over Cleveland.
  • Instagram's Curation Conspiracy is unearthed by Black Friday. Or is it?
  • A price per click kick in the balls.
  • Cluttered content, spreading the good word, and rolling back to email lists.
  • The strongest superhero square off.
  • Billy blows the Top 10 Villains list.
  • Defending character arcs in Batman Vs. Superman.
  • DC's subtle take on humanity.
  • The build up for a six minute fight and Ben Affleck as the best Batman yet.
  • Tent poles in the movie industry and kicking the tires on your audience.

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