494 - Tube 12: Jason Edmiston

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December is upon us and over at Adventures In Design that could only mean one thing… the 12 Tubes Of Christmas are here! We kick off our countdown of deals with a heavyweight in the world of contemporary art, Jason Edmiston. This year spans the gamut of successful projects for Jason from an art show at the Mondo Gallery to publishing his first art book, Visceral. After 2015 proved to be his breakout year, our Canadian Contender turned inward to create work that expands his public visibility and artistic credibility and joins Mark to share what he’s learned. Balancing the workload associated with personal achievements and profitability can be a tricky one even when you’re spreading it across three hundred and sixty five days but if anyone can do it, Jason can, and with a plan. It’s no accident Jason has an immense and impressive body of work and hearing his insight and intent behind his actions in a valuable tool for artists at any level in their career about what to do and where to go next.

Talking Points

  • Merchandising painting.
  • The big giclee flop and keeping your customers in mind.
  • Jason’s big takeaways from 2016.
  • Betting your success on your customer’s budget.
  • Where you release your art dictates its price.
  • Gushing over Grief.
  • Rob Jones’ business model at Mondo Con 3. 
  • Placing a personal achievement over profitability.
  • Greasing the hands that make the books.
  • Being groomed for a future at Mondo.
  • The early Edmiston grind with Ron Swanson.
  • Art for art, widgets for visibility, and making money off it all.
  • Crawl. Walk. Run.
  • Ordering images spanning two decades.
  • Vetting you publisher and the obscurity of the French.
  • Going HD and more like Breaking Bad as you progress.
  • The least profitable item in the booth is still the most profitable way to sell it.
  • Innovative incentives to promote purchases.
  • The deal with apparel.
  • How to move every copy at the bookstore.
  • Volume based business and the upside of loss leaders.
  • Pulling yourself up a bracket.
  • What does Jason have planned for 2017?
  • Going from shotgun to sharp shooter.
  • Exploring potential revenue streams for your business.