MOT: Cassette 10 of 10 "The Beginning”

MISSION OF TRUST: Cassette 10 of 10

Congratulations on arriving back at the beginning! The Mission Of Trust has taken you on a long journey towards making one thing better about you or your business and now that you've made it here it's time to jump onto whats next. Every step along the way is a crucial component to finishing just one step on a staircase leading to the success you're striving for. Circle back to your broader vision and find the next component, take the skills you've gained from this Mission and start all over again at Cassette 01. You now have the power to control your world and bring yourself the confidence, peace, and success that makes you a creative that other people want to work with and learn from. That's a good day. That's good design.

"People want a magic solution. People want a shortcut. Shortcuts don't exist."

Talking Points

  • The importance in pausing to promote.

  • Pushing on to the next step and tracking your time.

  • Getting on the right side of money to be set free.

  • Chase your dream and satay ambitious.

  • Finishing strong and telling the world about what you did.

  • The time it takes for an AID Episode and how that translates out to any project.

  • Getting in control of your world to find the answers.

  • Peace, confidence, and success on your side