517 - The Inauguration of Donald Trump

Mark and Sean return on an important day for the history books. As (allegedly) millions of people filled into Washington DC to welcome the 45th President into office The People's Champ and your favorite podcaster went over the questions you all have about business, creativity, and well crafted underwear. How important is a logo to the success of your business? When should you take down an old piece if its still selling? What sort of scheduling apps does AID use for social media? No stone is left unturned and the International Bromance is joined by special correspondent JVP to go over his future plans that involve branding, planning, and action. All this and some color commentary over Trump's Inaugural Speech as he addresses a nation of confused yet hopeful people. Antics most definitely ensue.

Talking Points

  • How politics tie into the world around you.
  • The future of homemade and handmade creative markets.
  • Political policy versus Generation Y.
  • Liberation through spreadsheets.
  • Getting inside Baron's brain.
  • "Breaking News" on Trump's impeachment and the Super Bowl.
  • Becoming more politically minded about what is going on.
  • The beauty of on demand entertainment and backhanded compliments.
  • JVP's job and his better half who fulfills a Beth-like role in his life.
  • Collaboration to avoid hitting the wall as a designer.
  • Planning out a brand and addressing the hold ups keeping you back.
  • Bad names, worse logos, and prepping for change.
  • Energy levels, delegation, and structured accountability.
  • Finding victory in getting halfway through.
  • Evaluating your time and knowing when you need to send production out the door.
  • Other people might have better ideas than yours!
  • Team inclusion, maintaining interest, and bolstering the feeling of ownership.
  • Well defined paths that you can make your own along the way.
  • Pop up shop strategies.
  • When should you pull an older piece form your webstore?
  • Scheduling apps and evaluating the social media channels still around.
  • What are the "proceeds" technically speaking?
  • Are Unpaid internships worth it?
  • Commentary over Trump's Inaugural Speech.