519 - Hammer Time with Andy Williams

Hammer Time is the latest addition to the AID Universe where Mark Brickey and Mike Hammer from Violent Gentlemen get together to out co-host each other in a ball busting extravaganza that leaves no stone unturned. Between strictly enforced mandates to a blossoming friendship of man dates, these two develop their own code of on and off air chemistry you can't fake... and they're giving out awards as well. Their first guest is Andy Williams of Every Time I Die fame and Pythons notoriety. Step inside the squared circle for all things wrestling as they cover everything from whose got the best moves to a one sided battle of Who Dies First. You better stay focused and get yourself into snake shape if you think you can keep up with these three aficionados of all things violent and gentlemanly.

Violence Of The Month Award: Matt Martin
As a modern enforcer in the NHL Matt is a presence of authority that put an end to the Maple Leafs getting bullied around on the ice.

Gentleman of the Month Award: Mark Brickey
Through better and through worse Mark has supported his wife at every turn and at the Women's March in Los Angeles he showed the world there are some pussies that won't be grabbed without some serious repercussions.

Talking Points

  • Hammer Time is Hang Time.
  • Clarifying the semantics between violence and violent.
  • How to fight with skates on.
  • Christmas parties, locker beignets, and bringing Mark out of retirement (again).
  • Man dates and mandates.
  • Mark's hypothetical first meeting with Tom Brady and how to make the Super Bowl better.
  • Rock and roll as a back up plan and a whatever stance on wrestling.
  • The origin story of the Pythons and being the David Bowie of hardcore.
  • Neo Nazi getting punched in the ear for the win.
  • Jon Lovitz theories, Bruno Mars' bubble butt, and how to get under any NHL Players skin.
  • The amazing escape in live wrestling.
  • Doing your job so well that people legitimately hate you and the importance of a villain.
  • A few rounds of "Who Died First?".
  • Whose in your wrestler death class?
  • Mark officially throws his hat in the ring to be a ringside manager for The Pythons once he is back in Snake Shape.
  • Misfits secrets and stories.
  • Letting the machine run on autopilot or staying on the throttle?
  • Sweaquity, Rancid, and giving hockey the jock pass.
  • Giving one to the audience is getting two back.
  • Living the lifestyle your brand is emulating.
  • Heel Hogan in Japan and learning to give people what they want.