520 - Billy Baumann


The Godfather of Adventures In Design, Billy Baumann, returns to the airwaves after his brief hiatus and surgery. Billy couldn't be any braver as he unflinchingly shares the physical toll and mental strain he endured through dealing with his cancer diagnosis. Everyone has wanted to know how our favorite little Cobra has been and now we get to hear it from Billy himself about everything from late nights in hospitals to the warm glow of gratitude he felt from so many people reaching out to him. Hopefully this episode puts your heart at rest and helps others going through similarly difficult situations in their own lives. None of us have to face life's toughest blows alone and we couldn't be happier to hear Billy back in our earbuds bringing us whats cool in his neck of the woods, even if it's all brought up organically.

Talking Points

  • Billy's back with a brand new noise.
  • The Wild West of the Bottom Knob and the most useful set of pliers.
  • An odyssey through surgery and recovery.
  • The best from Alabama is also a cocky asshole because he has to be.
  • Getting your mindset right under pressure and overcoming self doubt.
  • Morphine jokes, nausea, and laying in your own pee for two hours.
  • Weed saves Grateful Billy's life.
  • Praying for CO2 burps and CO2 farts to alleviate the pain.
  • Tube Head and Bizarro Billy post surgery.
  • The difference between being physically able and mentally able to face the Bermuda Triangle of Trouble.
  • Emotional healing and the mental stress from modernized workflow.
  • Guilt, politics, and processing everything going on in the outside world.
  • The first time Billy has ever been lucky in his life.
  • Why we are truly stronger together when times are tough.
  • What is the best way to communicate with someone going through a serious illness.
  • Evaluating where Billy is now and what is next.
  • Handling expansion and embracing other designers talents.