521 - Mark Brickey and Sean Mort


Mark Brickey and Sean Mort open up the theoretical and actual phone lines to take another round to bring you another round of Breaking News. With a little bit of ball busting and a whole lot of experience this daring duo unflinchingly delivers the touch answers and hard truths about the trials and tribulations of the professional creative's struggle. How do I find higher paying clients?  When do I make it up to the next step in my career? How do I stay ahead of the ever changing seasons and holidays? Has the value of my Photoshop 4 Install Disc risen in value or has it depreciated. The International Bromance leaves no stone unturned on a chicken nugget filled adventure into the building a better career. Gauge your talent, find your market, and get paid what you know you deserve. 

Talking Points

  • Anti-natal class, shithead kids messing with Ruth, and Grandma's last hook up.
  • The business dynamic with Tasty Yummies.
  • Brickey on the road and some upcoming interviews.
  • Separating Disney World from Disneyland.
  • Ghost stories, spooky facts of life, and Mark's supernatural and slightly necrophiliatic wet dream.
  • Volume, pricing, and strategies for selling prints.
  • Price points that will dictate your bigger plays.
  • An Ear Ecstasy gimmick that led to everything else.
  • Where are you at on the chain and how do you reinvent yourself?
  • The push, the pull, and the financial ceiling.
  • Becoming Chris Hardwick and outside influences that will take you to the next step.
  • Instagram promo posts and their effectiveness.
  • Checking your trousers the morning after Patches is born.
  • How to get bosses to take your suggestions to that will improve their product.
  • Living in areas that can support a creative economy.
  • The vastness of the US, stepping out for a major market bump, and becoming the king of your city.
  • Bumping up your hourly wage and finding new clients that you can charge more.
  • What number do you need in your bank account?
  • Getting known for the work you do versus just being an able and available person. 
  • Gauging your cash flow, deciding when it's right to work on you own stuff, and flirting with pricing.
  • How do you make your own style?
  • Sean Mort gives pointers on flipping Little Fellers and how to make a fun, interactive experience for your customers.
  • The value behind old install discs.
  • Forward progress and artisanal steel from the millennial run mill.
  • Week One of the new White House Regime and finding the real news.
  • Delegitimizing the media and the importance in speaking up for what is right. 
  • Staying ahead of the seasons by planning out your year now!