522 - Brian Steely

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Brian Steely returns to Adventures In Design with a whole new way of working at your side hustle. Jackson Spalding has given Brian an incredible life but as his freelance career skyrocketed the push and pull from burning the candle at both ends was wearing him down. Between his role as a father and future as a creative Brian found a new business model to achieve a better balance of what he loves and what he's passionate about. With a whole new set up in place Brian lets us in to how he created his own beautiful space in the gray of a career too good to let go and a side hustle bursting at the seams. It turns out your creativity doesn't stop at your art but transcends into how you split up your day and earn a living if you put your mind to it.

Talking Points

  • The formation of Steely Works in a whole new business model.
  • Keeping your side hustle in house for the resources.
  • Designing decks and the evolution of skate science.
  • Burning the candle at both ends and reshuffling your priorities.
  • Hitting the hard reset.
  • Pacing out life's big moments that seem to fly by.
  • Working on Nike's Elite Teams with millions of art directors.
  • Loving Phish... solely as a punk rock business model.
  • Minting coins and translating your artwork.
  • Environmental design in real life.
  • A healthy reminder to never give up.
  • Breaking down a day at Jackson Spalding.
  • The legal and financial side of forging Steely Works.
  • Workflow and the law of averages.
  • Wings, wolf heads, and what people want.
  • How age affects your decisions and finding your own beautiful space in the gray.
  • The hurry up and wait mentality of long term projects.
  • Whats in the works for Brian and Steely Works.
  • Numbers and percentages on Steely Works projects through Jackson Spalding.
  • Authenticity and trends.
  • Setting up your life so that failure is not an option.
  • Percentage based deals and earning your wage.