From The Circle Of Trust Vault - Aaron Horkey AID 291

Originally released November 30, 2015

Originally released November 30, 2015


Before we jump into next week's series of five brand new episodes all featuring various members of The VACVVM, let's hit rewind and visit November 30, 2015, when we released a rare interview with founder Aaron Horkey. How rare is this conversation you ask? This meeting was the last interview that Aaron agreed to do and I'm beyond honored that it was with Adventures In Design and me. Not only will you learn more about his mysterious world and have a better understanding of his subject matter after listening and learning that Horkey's world is just that, a world of his own creation, where every subject matter is part of his illustrated fantasied ecosystem that is as complex as it is beautiful. You will also get to hear a lucky byproduct of professional success, the personal fulfillment that comes along with helping out others, as you get to hear the early concept, inspiration, and hopes of what The VACVVM could aspire to become. Listen all next week to hear the consequences of what happens when a successful artist decides to share his resources with his friends and other artists that he equally admires. Until then, have a safe and fun weekend, see you back here on Monday to kick off VACVVM week on AID. 


Original Episode Notes

Aaron Horkey is an illustrator from Windom, Minnesota. First Showing described him as "one of Mondo's most popular and respected artists”. Our last session from the Adventures In Design Theater at MondoCon 02 brings us the legendary Aaron Horkey. On this interview, we also have a special cohost AID regular Mitch Putnam. We get to hear about the narrative of Aaron’s work and learn where he hopes to take his career and talents in the future. In The Circle Of Trust we have forty more minutes of content where we hear more from Horkey and Mitch. Plus a special Shop Talk with Mark Brickey and AID producer David Defeo.