660 - The VACVVM Week Chapter: I - Mike Sutfin


In Part 1
We kick off a week of celebrating some of the most talented folks that we know in the world of illustration, painting, and printmaking with one of the newest citizens of Minneapolis Mike Sutfin. Mike moved his family and his career from Oakland a few years back to share studio space with other members of The VACVVM and to hopefully leverage this new opportunity into his ultimate goal as an artist to find more time for his self-initiated work. There was an adjustment period to going from working alone in a "vacuum" to working with The VACVVM. But now that he's settled in the new studio, Mike shares how their influence has him committing 23 minutes a day to do something that he hasn't done is a very long time, keeping a sketchbook and lets us know the significance of this daily ritual. Fans of Mike's work will be excited to hear the backstory of recently released series of small giclees and screenprints titled "Embers." 

Circle of Trust
- The intimidation of the Corpse collab series where Mike finds himself illustrating in the same space as studio mates Aaron Horkey and Brandon Holt. 
- Mikes love of remarking finished prints and how the remarks have a different level of pleasure than making the original piece. 
- The VACVVM hasn't gone to Mike's head, in fact, it's made him realize how much farther he has to evolve to be the best version of himself. 
- How to discover your inner voice to figure out what themes you should be creating with your talents and the idea of seeing a hypnotist versus a psychiatrist to try and make this happen. 
- When it all starts to go right for you, there's a stress of what if it all starts to go wrong, the pressure that Mike feels to make this opportunity of resources from THE VACVVM work for his career growth.