657 - Mort Returns


After a three week hiatus from his regularly scheduled slot, we officially have your favorite fruit and ours, Sean Mort, back on the mic in the AID Studios. He's been across the pond and back again to fill his belly full of Torchy's, Double Doubles, and some fried chicken from the toughest parts of town Detroit Rock City has to offer and lived to tell all in today's Circle Of Trust Exclusive Episode. The (reunited) International Bromance goes over the bips and bops of Sean's North American Vacation, takes a look at the Apple HomePod, and reviews some television that your eyes desperately need to be ingesting. But that's not all! With 2018 right around the corner Mark has some big announcements about the changes coming up for both the programming and scheduling of Adventures In Design as we continue to expand and improve the content we provide for you... just don't hold your breath on that Brickey's Book Club anytime soon. Come along for the ride as Mark and Sean hang out, catch up, and remind you that the journey can be more important than the destination.