656 - Minneapolis Shop Talk with Burlesque Of North America, David Witt, and Ann Ryan


From the muddy banks of the Mississippi River to the oversized logos of the U.S. Bank Stadium comes a very special Minneapolis Shop Talk broadcasting out of CO exhibitions. Mark sits down to bang the drum with Mike Davis and Wes Winship from Burlesque Of North America, artist David Witt, and designer Ann Ryan. As each guest takes the stage we uncover their current struggles and successes from their own unique facet of a career in creativity. When is it all hands on deck over at Burlesque? How do you balance child care and comic strips? What is it like to design clothes for kids to wear all across America? Does anyone know what has actually happened on that couch? Learn to fight your own lions a little bit better with some of the chicken nuggets and life experience coming to you from the Twin Cities. Live antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • The three design types, marketing bull terriers, and not taking life too seriously. 
  • Mike and Wes start the Silk Road of screenprinting and design.
  • Becoming an Accidental Businessman with survival scams and more. 
  • All hands on deck at Burlesque. 
  • Working with Jacob Bannon and thriving under pressure. 
  • Living in a time when everything needs to look designed. 
  • Intense print jobs and following what’s in front of you. 
  • Bad business decisions, data, and shifting game plans. 
  • Childcare and comic strips
  • Working plans to pay the bills and looking at Patreon. 
  • The language and the work in comics. 
  • Hitting the right tone at the right time. 
  • Seeing the gap in your work and continuing to make what you love. 
  • Greener grass, great jobs, and some kind of dream. 
  • Was art school worth the student loans?
  • Dividing up design and the percentage of work that gets out the door. 
  • Jumping departments and learning to fight a lion.
  • Dream projects, safe spaces, and going tactile. 
  • New works, legacies, and spotting your work in the wild.