658 - The DKNG Show: Chapter 12


It's time to conquer your lurking fear of Apple N and start showing that mesh tool who is boss because The DKNG Show is here for its twelfth chapter. Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman join us once again for another in-depth, behind the scenes, all access tour of their studio to break down how a top tier design duo produces hit after jaw dropping hit. With Adobe Max on the horizon and another well received Skillshare Class under their belts, Mark asks the boys about their how they determine what secrets they share, how well it's recieved by the design community, and why sharing Illustrator secrets has more potential than a traditional classroom environment. We also get to hear how DKNG reverse engineers their timeline on projects from tricking themselves to get started all the way to handing off the color separated files to the printer as we go over their rereleased Bob Moog Foundation posters. And if that isn't enough, in the Circle Of Trust Mark walks us through the St. Paul And The Broken Bones poster using their process video as a guide to break down each component of the piece as its made. Circle Of Trust Members also get an exclusive sneak peek at the latest print series to come out of DKNG Studios and how Dan and Nathan, once again, made this intricately woven work come across as effortless. Strap in and hold on because The DKNG Show is non stop, chicken nugget filled adventure into design that you won't find anywhere else.