630 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

The International Bromance starts out your week with a Shop Talk to get your head in the game and your eyes on the prize. There's some business. There's some pop culture. There's some scheming. With another Northern Craft in the rear view mirror, Mark and Sean take a hard look at what worked and where there's room for improvement. This time around Sean added Pin Drop to the mix and the boys break down how it affected the fair itself, involved the makers, and if it brought more people through the doors. As summer closes the buzz surrounding the upcoming fall releases grow and your favorite broadcasters cover everything from a Jaded Jedi to the sleeper hit show Halt And Catch Fire to The Tick. Mix in some Castle Time Theories about the world of Westeros and you've got yourself a Shop Talk that is just enough business and just enough pleasure to make a Monday bearable.

Talking Points

  • A pesky parasite returns and the wacky one takes of Stan. 
  • Answering Pop Talk commentary, parenting advice, and teaching DK to laugh. 
  • Anchoring new facets to grow Northern Craft and keeping consumer fatigue in mind. 
  • The business, promotion, and strategy behind Pin Drop. 
  • Northern Craft presents...
  • Going on your own or piggybacking on other people's events. 
  • Legitimizing Northern Craft with Leeds local government and brainstorming how to promote it best. 
  • Supply, demand, and determining how long to run an event. 
  • A not so secret Cake O Clock broadcast and the discipline behind hanging out on air professionally. 
  • Learning from mistakes, hits, misses, and becoming a politician. 
  • Parallels in The Last Jedi. 
  • What's on the line in huge creative endeavors like the Star Wars franchise. 
  • Character design in the Star Wars franchise and a few stereotypes from Earth that end up in a galaxy far, far away. 
  • A jaded Jedi. 
  • TV to watch out for as summer closes in. 
  • Financing Castle Times and the realistic elements at force in Game Of Thrones. 
  • We want to meet Mitch The Map Maker!
  • First person shooter perspective on the big screen. 

Pin Drop was an incredible addition to Northern Craft and at the dawn of enamel we sat down with trend forecaster extraordinaire, Nate Duval, to discuss his career and the chances he takes.

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