592 - Esao Andrews

Step into the vibrant world of Esao Andrews. Just as his work reflects, he is a complicated tapestry of darker worlds concentrated around the bright spots of energy. Today's adventure takes us back through the story of his rise through the world of art and the unsteady ground that pushes him towards continual adaptation. With one foot in the gallery world and the other in commercial design, Esao is a renaissance artist not afraid to use his talents wherever they take him. From visually defining the world of Circa Survive across their musical career to crafting oil paintings ripe with contrasts that emotionally resonate with audiences around the world, Esao taps into the core of his message in any medium. Mark discusses facing your fears to cash in on the emotional lottery tickets you've put out into the universe and how Esao's interview is a perfect example of that. Be brave and remember that the true power of your art comes when you share it with the world.

Talking Points

  • The art that drew you in and designing decks in the days of screen printing. 
  • Meat House, the unlikely powerhouse at a defunct learning website, and serendipitously moving into the art world in waves. 
  • Landing on your style while making a living as a fine artist. 
  • Designing with restriction to expand your creativity. 
  • Finding financial independence in a shifting supply and demand economy. 
  • Creative collaboration within your industry. 
  • Planning versus jazz and getting lost in your work. 
  • Capturing the narrative to overcome your reference materials. 
  • A hand in hand relationship becoming the visual aspect of Circa Survive. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • The fickle, fine line between fine art and commercial art.
  • Exposure, financial gain, and learning to say no. 
  • Making Esao.
  • Gaining control in the feast and famine lifestyle.
  • Metaphorical opposites between Satellite and World Traveler. 
  • Color, atmosphere, and contrast. 
  • Being a control freak when new opportunities arise. 
  • The struggle to tell your own story and the lifeboats left out at sea. 
  • Humbly handling fame. 

Colin Frangicetto of Circa Survive sat down with Mark and Sean as he sat on the cusp of launching his latest release. This Shop Talk is a look into what artists pour over before the world ever gets to see the final product for the first time.

Anthony Green overcame his fears in more of a public manner than most of us care to. As the frontman of Circa Survive Anthony is no stranger to having eyes on him, but this interview lets us into the man behind the frontman.

Esao mentions his early days with Tristan Eaton and a few other prolific artists like James Jean (hee hee). We had an opportunity to sit down with Tristan Eaton to learn about how he does everything from murals to designing the Dunny.