593 - The DKNG Show: Chapter 9

As the next chapter of The DKNG Show unfolds we find our favorite design duo busy as ever and actively pursuing new ventures. With so much work still under wraps Mark takes the opportunity to pour over some of Dan and Nathan's business practices as they weave between the last two month's projects. Even as the boys go over their Radiohead poster project, the subject matter skews towards how they reinvented their own process to reflect the band's shifting approach to music and business. In the Circle Of Trust bonus content we get a double dip of insider information about breaking into the wholesale world and a look at advertising through social media channels. Chapter Nine continues to push the boundaries of how much DKNG lets us inside their creative minds and how they have become a premiere boutique agency at the top of their game.

Talking Points

  • Respecting boundaries, uprooting bad relationships, and effective communication. 
  • The challenge to even approach designing for Radiohead's multifaceted sound. 
  • Reinventing your structure from the ground up and keeping things simple for your client. 
  • How much do you initially show your client to allow your project to evolve into its final form. 
  • Live streaming portfolio reviews and the tricky side of constructively critiquing work. 
  • Common pitfalls in portfolios. 
  • Initiative, ownership, and curation. 
  • Diversification for continual cash flow. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Starting wholesale at a local level and giving a little to get to the next level. 
  • Growing your stockist list and the slow march to a smooth, automated process. 
  • Presenting a line that tells a complete story to increase consumer engagement. 
  • Business when you're at the top of the Wild West enamel pin game. 
  • Pin-Pal-Palooza 2017 and gauging pop culture concepts. 
  • Cracking the code of advertising in social media. 
  • Boosts and the initial discouragement of getting into the game. 
  • Understanding the true value of your product and targeting the right people for that. 


First off... every chapter of The DKNG Show is a must listen but this one in particular gives you a deeper look into their IP The Explorers Club and it's expansion into bikes, patches, and pins. It also captures their push into charactyer development as well.

Interested in wholesale? This is the first part of two episodes explaining Everything About The Art Of Wholesale with Greg Kerr and Sean Mort. These episodes are hours of crucial information time tested by creatives from three seperate backgrounds.

Dan and Nathan mentioned how they drew inspirations from Hoodzpah Design and the lifestyle brand they created. This episode is a first look at Odds And Sods in its early stages where Jennifer and Amy explain it from top to bottom.