591 - Everything About The Art Of Wholesale Part 2: Greg Kerr, Sean Mort

Yes, there is much more to cover about the art of wholesale that couldn't fit into part one. Greg, Mark, and a pinch of Sean Mort go further down the rabbit hole of running a successful wholesale business. Whether it is your full time gig, another arm of your income, or a part time idea you're testing out AID 591 in filled with useful and applicable information that will put you ahead of the competition with a better grasp on the ins and outs of your day to day. From order forms your mom can use to insider hacks on lower purchasing rates, every bit of advice comes backed with decades of experience. Mark and Greg have already taken most of the lumps and found most of the dead ends and tried most of the sales techniques that don't work so rest assured the information you're absorbing is field tested for success. 

Talking Points

  • The geographic strategy and how to find shops you can start wholesale accounts with quality communication.

  • Up front investments for long term gains.

  • Why you want to make a line sheet and an order form a mom can use.

  • An online approach to wholesale.

  • What sort of rules do you need in place?

  • Handling orders quickly and efficiently to set yourself apart as a quality seller.

  • Pricing hacks to bring your bottom line down.

  • Staying proactive when you're not busy.

  • The rationale behind becoming an LLC.

  • Streamlining your tasks to protect your time, money, and mental health.

  • Treating your team like gold.

  • Product photos tips and tricks.

  • Diversifying your income streams to build your business on steadier ground.


Mark, Greg, and Sean all said it a few times. This will be rough. They mean that. AID 391 is a gut check with Mark and Greg going over the personal traits you'll need to make it while working for yourself. Give it a whirl to make sure you can handle wholesale.

If by some strange phenomenon you heard Part 2 without hearing Part 1 do yourself a favor and Snicket Slide over to the first segment of setting yourself up in the wholesale game. Its just as good as Part 2 except it covers other essential topics.

Need some guidance on what to make? Not sure where you should invest your time and money. This is the first part of a ten episode series about finding your passion and making a plan to get there. Essential AID listening.