573 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 17: Josh Kimberg

Josh Kimberg joins The Collection with Huck Gee and Mark Brickey to talk about the many hats he wears in the world of designer toys. From a Managing Partner at Clutter Magazine, to organizing Five Points Festival, all the way to running the Designer Toy Awards can keep his schedule more full than a house of Tanners. His unique perspective and heavy involvement in the designer toy world makes him an important pillar for The Collection and highlights the passion it takes to succeed when you follow your dreams. Huck and Mark get some insight into Kaiju, the vinyl world in New York City, and navigating through the murky waters of a difficult break up. If you don't know what Sofubi is, how dredge taxes kill profitability, or the odds of winning against yourself instead of thousands then this part of The Collection will teach you all that you need to know. 

Talking Points

  • Understanding the lo-fi music of the designer toy world. 
  • Are murals graffiti and is graffiti a mural?
  • A Skull Fucker bigger than a Shogun Warrior. 
  • The Collection gets an exclusive Gold Life scoop, Dapper Little Scoundrels, and glow in the dark giant jellybeans. 
  • Where did all the tentacles come from?
  • Behind the scenes of the Designer Toy Awards and how the winners are chosen. 
  • The thankless role of a steward to kick the tires and define the scene. 
  • An Inside Man brings the gravitas. 
  • 5 Points Festival creates a home that can elevate the scene and celebrate in New York City. 
  • The slow second coming, dredge taxes that kill taxes, and getting a garage secured. 
  • Content creators in the early days of the internet and beyond. 
  • Transitioning is weird and painful addiction to overcome. 
  • Just beat yourself instead of thousands of people. 
  • Finding your drive again. 
  • The Walmart-ing of the web, overcoming the grid, and the death of Flash. 
  • A Generalist Nerd makes a disclaimer before his dive. 
  • The origins and current categories of Kaiju. 
  • What is Sofubi?
  • Huck debates about bringing soft vinyl into his fun factory. 
  • A time and a place for every style. 
  • So terrible it becomes amazing... like The Room of toys. 
  • Indisputable materials over concept. 
  • Bullseye Art, Mini Disco, and earliest days of Kid Robot. 


There's a good reason Brian Flynn is mentioned multiple times.. he's an intelligent and successful pillar of the Designer Toy World that has been around for decades. AID 233

Josh's better half was one The Collection a few hundred episodes ago to discuss the birth of Clutter Magazine with Mark Brickey and Huck Gee.

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