572 - Breaking News

We don't make the news here at Adventures In Design, we just break it. This week's episode kicks off with some back and forth between Mark and Sean over the upcoming return of Northern Craft and a potential summer spin off in the works. That's right around when our long lost friend Jim Madison hijacks the show with an announcement you will never see coming. Take out a scratch piece of paper and write down three ideas of what you think it might be and leave your guesses in the comments. One thing is for sure. Nobody will guess the curveball you;re about to get!

Talking Points

  • Disneyland trips, park updates, and some walk on situations. 
  • Northern Craft returns now that spring is in the air and how it differed from the holiday one. 
  • What are shoppers looking for and what is the competition doing?
  • Learning and adjusting from past experience and finding the profitability in the details. 
  • Under promise and over deliver. 
  • Planning a summer event and switching it up to keep consumer interest. 
  • Free Oasis Show Summer Festival. 
  • Credit where credit is due. 
  • Taking a dunk for a higher power. 
  • No peace for not believing and handling a lifetime experiences. 
  • Being affected by charged imagery. 
  • The history of church and its relationship with art and culture. 
  • Loving bad guys and finding redemption. 
  • On the road to a recovery of sorts. 
  • Coincidences that seem to let things fall into place and point a certain way. 
  • Manipulation, learning, and belief. 
  • How love makes a dent in your world. 
  • The difference between addiction and decisions in the world of Jim Madison. 
  • Hinging on one of many hold the door moments. 
  • Did Print Mafia ever go too far with some of the imagery they made?
  • Letting love be love. 
  • Altering your finances to adhere to the rules. 
  • Overcoming unrest and finding peace to be a better version of you. 
  • Relating through imagery. 
  • Looking past the semantics and more of the faith. 
  • Trying to be a good friend and treating people like they're missing some chromosomes.  
  • Homosexuality and how the world relates to it. 
  • Supporting your friends through whatever brings them happiness. 
  • Talking about what you know.
  • Next week's MickeyLeaks and other plans. 

Hear the first major printervention with Jim Madison and Connie Collingsworth of Print Mafia as they sort out their conjoined future.

This is the last we heard from Jim before he disappeared into the mists of Bowling Green. Hear a plan get developed for someone willing to work hard.

In this Breaking News we get to hear how the first Northern Craft went for Sean after sorting through all the details to do something for the very first time.