571 - Circle Of Trust Friday Episode

Circle Of Trust Members get access to an exclusive episode from the archives of AID. Before the lost Designer Con panel is played Mark pulls us all around the fireside for some one on one. How does Adventures In Design plan out its releases? Why did Shop Talk move to Thursday? Why does an episode called Start Today take so long to happen? Your favorite podcaster and master of strategery Mark Brickey pulls back the curtain to give you some insider examples of how to plan out and release content to maximize the juice form the squeeze. You also get to hear about the world of 3D Printing with some industry leaders Mark interviewed a few months ago. Wrap your head around an exploding industry that is poised to change the world with the same dynamic fervor that the internet did. Remember mail before it was electronic? Remember Thomas Guides in the back of your car. Well 3D Printing will have you saying those same types of questions except about things like printing your house, a new heart, or your latest wallet.

Talking Points

  • A look into how the AID Programming is coming along. 
  • Go be a part of what you want to be a part of. 
  • Sticking with your style, reoccurring characters that become your tribe, and getting to know you... yeah.... you!
  • New workflows, new creations, and new chapters in AID. 
  • Discovery and recruitment. 
  • Scheduling strategies and pacing content to get the most juice from the squeeze. 
  • Shocking people at the top of the entertainment food chain.
  • Interviews not advertising. 
  • Filling a hole in the market. 
  • The right fit and function for the job at hand.
  • Printing out houses, grabbing the media's attention, and technology from thirty years ago. 
  • Breaking down the barrier of prototypes. 
  • The hurdles in education around the 3D Printing Market. 
  • Following the path from 2D to 3D design. 
  • Going old school and sculpting.
  • Shopping for printers to find the right fit for your work. 
  • Change how you think for the best result and interpreting original concepts for every conceivable angles. 
  • Where is the biggest growth in the market. 
  • Closing the gap between Non visual and visual learners regardless of gender. 
  • Making your wallet and taking 2D into 3D. 
  • The 3Doodler is changing the world and has been an incredible entry point. 
  • Cost effective price points and finding the value in buying your own printer. 
  • Plastics that smell like waffles. 
  • What's the investment to get into professional 3D Printing. 
  • The next turn for a growing industry. 

Hammer Time was the very first, deliberate spin off from the AID Universe and Andy Williams of Every Time I Die and Pythons was the starting off point. Hold on to your hats and glasses.

Interested in the applications of the 3D Printing World you just heard about? Huck Gee acquired one in his fun factory and talks to Mark about how it has changed his workflow.

As Start Today looms closer take a look at Biggie's earlier appearances on AID. Just like the hardcore he grew up in, Biggie is a self made man who turned his friendships into his well being.