563 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann

Bang the drum for your two favorites schemers and dreamers because it is time for Shop Talk. The boys lead you closer and closer to the path on today’s episode as they analyze the week and anything else they think of. Hot off the heels of The Double, Billy walks us through what worked well and what he and Jason need to change to ensure its lasting success as a workshop offered through Delicious. Mark takes another look at BrickeyLeaks and gets Billy’s opinion not only on the current gig poster payment model, but if its still a viable resource for designers anymore at all. Between tackling the effects of laziness on your workflow to a potential life in advertising, this Shop Talk takes on a whole slew of topics that are effecting the creative community today. Antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • Coachella coverage, dad bods, and Mark Brickey Jr. Jr. 
  • Billy is #2 and some of the Survey Says results. 
  • Pelican, Judas Priest, and why Black Sabbath isn't metal. 
  • The problem with Pelican't and fish species that look best in top hats. 
  • Details on The Double as a package, Tony Mendez gets on the other end, and finding a price point that works. 
  • Fine tuning what Delicious can offer in a classroom setting. 
  • Revisiting AID 001 where the boys were complaining about low prices for poster art back then. 
  • The perspective of the artist, the bullshit of store credit as your inflated potential payment, and adding an unnecessary middle man to the equation. 
  • Do you even need Metallica to get your art seen?
  • There's too many koi in the pond. 
  • Getting your hands on your own prints and the future of an industry in freefall. 
  • Looking at the past efforts to start an artist's union and where they fall flat for being so unrealistic. 
  • The unspoken deal with AID guests and the artwork associated with their episode. 
  • Mark is the potential King Of The Council of the artist's union that might use the Jay Ryan litmus test. 
  • The dream episode with a bunch of Billy's past employees that tell all. 
  • Billy gets his design groove back from his new high stakes environment. 
  • What happens when your feet aren't held to the fire?
  • Life math, menial design tasks, and resting on your laurels instead of achieving your best. 
  • Billy's life in advertising and his potential career path had he stayed there. 
  • Leather portfolio days, making your own door with gig posters, and the many schemes of two dreamers. 
  • Blood, sweat, and years. 
  • Race in America on comment sections across the web. 

One-Punch Man
A Japanimation webcomic and animated cartoon.
4 Cools

In the first half of this interview with Steve Wolf Mark gives you a completely flushed out example of that life math he and Billy have always lived by. This is how you reverse engineer your life and start a plan for success.

If you haven't heard the very first BrickeyLeak then you are missing out on what will eventually be known as the Leak Heard Round The World. Listen to AID 560 to understand more of what Mark and Billy were talking about in today's Shop Talk.

Miles Tsang is a young talent who rose to the top of the pay scale bracket in gigposters the way Billy was shooting up through the advertising world. His view from the top was a bit unsettling and plays in to exactly what Billy and Mark discussed.