561 - The DKNG Show: Chapter 8

Our great friends Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman of DKNG Studios return to let us inside their creative process from front to back and everything in between. The DKNG Show truly illustrates what it takes to stay at the top of your game in the creative world. How do various price points in your booth affect sales? Does giving away the secrets of your secret sauce make you a disposable commodity? Where do you start on a SpiderMan frame that can work for his countless permutations? Mark, Dan, and Nathan analyze every job that went out the door from DKNG over the last two months and share their thought process, what worked well for them, and what they learned for their next attempts bound to take them to even higher heights. Whether you're a seasoned pro or still wet behind the ears, The DKNG Show is filled to the brim with applicable knowledge to enhance your own creative career.

Talking Points

  • The rise of the professional Dr. Kuhlken in proper context.

  • Life partners, destination weddings, and the many levels of Dan.

  • Investing in your passion, finding the profitability, and how DKNG embodies these values.

  • The reward of crushing Creative South with design Bible studies and learning from your experiences.

  • An Austin print in Austin inspired by a San francisco print in a bathroom.

  • The psychology of a five dollar difference in your booth.

  • Price points, post cards, and what’s best for booth sales.

  • Green lighting an idea that can have a secondary life outside it’s original intent in various avenues.

  • Are you authentic?

  • Inside the mind of a consumer.

  • An ambitious topic.

  • Rules, icons, and the fear of giving away too much.

  • Figuring out how to make it all work and expand your reach.

  • Advantages vs. Drawbacks

  • Giving away your secrets makes you develop even better ones.

  • The how is not the why.

  • Good work leads to more good work.

  • Balancing communication, artwork, and past clients.

  • Technicality in art direction.

  • Character Design with or without your thumbprint.

  • Finding the confidence to evolve your skills further.

  • An infographic with plenty of history to piece together, bring form to, and hide behind.

  • Skin tight Spidey-suits that helps fine-tune the set platform.

  • Guaranteeing success by locking in the grid.

  • Can you take a break or do you have to see it all through?

  • The 3-2-1 rhythm to tackle an overwhelming task.

  • Don’t forget the approval process across multiple outlets!

  • Opening the next chapter of your career, the financial rewards you reap, and some “real” exposure.

  • Who is making the money and what are they doing?

  • Transparent gray saves the day.

  • A bulletproof project overview.

  • Online fan reaction trends to taking on a beloved franchise under your creative wing.

  • Some real deal variants from the Spidey-verse.

  • Is there any secondary income spawning from this poster?

  • Creatively working within your new restraints.

  • Upcoming events for DKNG.


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