564 - BrickeyLeaks

Go ahead and sit down now because this next BrickeyLeaks is a follow up to last week's groundbreaking expose as Mark, Sean, and a brand new mystery reveal the bullshit contract being merch companies are offering us. Line by Trump-esque line is broken down, hashed out, and explained to not only show you the importance of reading and understanding your contract, but to illuminate what an reprehensible business deal you would potentially agree to just work with a band you may or may not like. Contracts don't have to be this way or look like this but until we start reading the fine print that we know is deliberately designed  and written to make you not want to read it at all, our industry will get pushed farther and farther away from a financially viable way to make a living. The International Bromance doesn't stop there either between answering  Breaking News questions and a dubious internet scam is exposed. Let this episode be a light in the darkness and a catalyst for the creative community to start expecting more for the vital component we play in any project we are a part of.

Talking Points

  • Walking by yourself vs walking with a dog vs walking with a pram. 
  • Babies in sci-fi films and giving the end of the world one thumb down. 
  • Vegemite, Marmite, and a long lost red crayon that has ruined Mark's sense of smell. 
  • Conversations in social media to increase engagement. 
  • A serious disconnect for the greatest resource in the AID Universe that might be its own worst enemy. 
  • Can you oversaturate your promotional imagery?
  • Figuring out promotion is harder than you think it might be. 
  • Hendry's biggest enemy will get what's coming to him. 
  • BrickeyLeaks returns with a merch company's leaked contract. 
  • Unmasking each paragraph's Trump-like verbiage and it's pitfalls. 
  • Renegotiation windows in the creative community. 
  • Courtesy reach arounds that could keep you coming back for more. 
  • Owning everything you make in perpetuity until the end of time that leaves you legally fucked in any universe. 
  • Waiving droite morale in any country ever and losing out on the copyrights to boot. 
  • Even if it's not work for hire, it's still theirs in a classic lawyer overreach. 
  • You won't get hired off your own work and no one will know you even made it. 
  • 4D Scanner and the whole future of wherever media may go isn't yours either. 
  • If any of your artwork is legally troublesome then you can once again own what you create. 
  • Defining "hold harmless" and enjoying your slavery. 
  • Exploitation every way you look at it. 
  • Why your potential compensation is missing more than a few zeroes. 
  • There are potential negotiations to be made if you pay attention. 
  • "Tell them to fuck off."
  • The benefits behind developing a relationship with a lawyer. 
  • Where do we go from here?
  • Limited positions available in an online phishing scam if you act now with (ahem) Crooks Publishing. 
  • Don't ever pay to be in something as an artist. 
  • A request for The Original 45 and a devoted COT Member all the way from South Africa. 
  • The MLS, the EPL, and the difference in the game across the pond. 
  • Top athletes, top teams, and clear hierarchies. 

Mark gets Billy take on the first BrickeyLeak and they discuss the role of the gigposter in an artist's career. Is it even necessary anymore? Should we just walk away from an industry that is hell bent on exploiting our talents?

This is where it all started. The first BrickeyLeak that led to today's contract being leaked. If you need more gut punches to your dream profession and how the rest of the world sees it then start at AID 560.

Ok. You might feel beaten down. You might feel like there isn't a shred of hope anywhere to be found. Point your focus towards Skinner who came on and showed us all that we ARE the wizard's in the tower with all the secrets.