556 - Breaking News

Podcast Paternity Leave is over and Sean has returned to his co-anchor chair for this week's Breaking News. Things kick off with a poignant look at the life a self employed creative and the difficult decisions that are associated with finding financial security. Sean lets us take a look at his life and the grown up decisions that come with providing for your family and saying yes or no to opportunities when they present themselves. The questions come flying in soon enough and The International Bromance takes on every topic thrown their way. How should you roll out your social media strategies before a big product release? How close is multiply to the real thing? How do you find a rep that works for you? 80's villain Todd Slater asks some great questions about the value of social media to our bottom line and the hurdles we have in admiring the greats. Its a jam packed episode filled with applicable chicken nuggets for wherever you are on your creative path!

Talking Points

  • Hendry gets carried away and Chip barks like a proper dick. 
  • The R Rated Role Model little girls should never see. 
  • Mark reviews Get Out on an odd scale. 
  • Grown up decisions, life changing money, and shitty timing. 
  • Rip roaring, non stop parties Sean and Mark had at SXSW. 
  • The push and pull of a self employed artist's life and the yes or no decisions you get to make. 
  • Laughing at the unpredictable ride that is Don Clark. 
  • Breaking down how Breaking News works. 
  • Getting as close to "live" as possible and Adventures In Distraction. 
  • Did Henry cause any unfollows and handling personal social media matters. 
  • Is Mark missing positive comments in his junk mail?
  • Looking past negative metrics and reading about yourself on the internet. 
  • Alternate printing methods. 
  • Is it worthwhile to build up your engagement before a big drop?
  • Wholesaling your work and increasing your quantities. 
  • Analyzing social media metrics and adjusting strategies to match it. 
  • Hating the greats and understanding demographics. 
  • Old or just out of reach?
  • Pre-judging Inspirational sources. 
  • Overcoming new hires that walk in mid project and getting paid to fight another day. 
  • Multiply and opacity to mimic transparent colors while screenprinting. 
  • Social media and product release strategies. 
  • Finding representation, getting work, and the cut throats world of children's publishing. 


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