557 - Jason Sturgill

Jason Sturgill is an illustrator from Portland who cut his teeth at Dark Horse Comics and Nike before they had even invented SB. With his unique style and a penchant for pursuing the idea, Jason quickly made a name for himself in the creative community when he stepped out on his own. However, there were many years where Jason was on the outside looking in, always doubting his capabilities from a technical standpoint. This interview explores some of those formative years before Jason decided to step out on his own and the mental shift that took place to bring him closer to professional happiness. It's a long road to reach your goals and Jason shares his transformative story for everyone out there looking for their place in the creative community.

Talking Points

  • Pocket Wi-Fi on your third trip to Japan and a whole day of "what the fuck is that?"
  • The culture of Kyoto and Japanese work ethic. 
  • A different path through skateboarding and the role of a traditional designer. 
  • Figuring out how to get from Point A to Point B while you're standing on the wrong side of the fence. 
  • Being in a great job ten years too early. 
  • Exploratory surgery, surprise cancer, and starting a whole new life after adversity. 
  • Papas Fritas, Modest Mouse, and starting a record label in college. 
  • Finding the guy to get you on the road. 
  • Designing at Dark Horse Comics. 
  • Bootleg Snoopy patches as a one and done. 
  • Getting emotional with your folk illustration based around ideas over technicality. 
  • Networking with an online art gallery and bringing people together while you're on the other side. 
  • Starting at Nike before SB was even invented. 
  • The eternal search for happiness over responsibility. 
  • The soul crushing dream job and leaping into the uncertain. 
  • Grad school, the role of education, and a deciding that you can be an illustrator. 
  • Shifting towards the abnormal and the gift editorial illustrators nationwide received. 
  • Becoming more than a graphic designer that illustrates. 
  • Prisoner Cats and late night space backpack purchases. 
  • Risographs weird place in the printing world, printing costs, and patience. 
  • Getting into the See Saw Club or evolving past it. 

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