550 - February Poster Countdown with Mitch Putnam and Rob Jones

Mark Brickey, Mitch Putnam, and special guest Rob Jones take on the Top 10 Posters culled from every OMGposters.com post during the month of February. Composition, illustration tricks, and behind the scenes information only Mondo Insiders can bring you fill this countdown recorded on site at the Rob Jones Mansion. Does your poster have too many earrings on it? Will color ruin your black and white linework? Do all these great artists nail the composition and concept on their first try? All of these questions are answered as these three industry experts break down all ten posters while talking about what makes each of them successful and where they fall short. With subject matter ranging from bunny orgies to severed fingers there is no stone left unturned in this month's poster countdown.

Talking Points

  • Split focus endorsement issues
  • Blasting out your titles. 
  • When everything is well done but the composition is off. 
  • Bringing a cinema collage together.  
  • Late addition Spider Man pop ins and a free fall of approvals that draw out a process.
  • Precious storytelling real estate and locking in the hierarchy. 
  • Becoming a full time separator to broaden the market of usable illustrators.
  • Cat hospices, black pearls, and splitting up families. 
  • Cartoons with realistic features.
  • Picking expressions that best tell the story. 
  • Movement through perspective in a composition. 
  • The extra work that makes a great poster. 
  • Compartmentalization that can deliver more information. 
  • Servicing fans the way they want. 
  • Are there one too many earrings on your poster?
  • Doing research on pieces versus guessing at what's important in the narrative. 
  • Was Phasma supposed to be the next Boba Fett?
  • Forensic research on very specific Star Wars characters and the weird inconsistencies that were right in front of you. 
  • Tiered fan expectations for Mike Mitchell's Star Wars series. 
  • Painterly decisions, collectibility, and tribute imagery. 
  • The difficulty of Harrison Fords profile and reference photos. 
  • Continuity issues, color changes, and the back and forth with LucasArts. 
  • The hard work that leads to a high quality in your work and rising through the ranks. 
  • Boiling down all your ideas to a one second snapshot. 
  • Missing the tips. 
  • Variants that make a difference, involve a bit of effort and a dash of risk. 
  • Effortless, prolific talent on tap. 
  • Finding a way to say something through your work. 
  • Supply changes as demand goes up later on in life. 
  • Should Teagan White split her styles into two separate businesses?
  • Navigating the waters of transitioning over to fine art from posters. 
  • Intensity and edge in subject matter. 
  • Pressure Printing with carved embossing that is breaking the mold in the poster world. 
  • A hero rises from the comic book industry. 
  • Seven digit figure, top level art careers and where the work comes from. 
  • Working with Jess more on movie posters that sell out instantly due to talent and not property. 
  • Rounding out Mondo's poster lineup from well known properties. 
  • The longest, most important, and innovative careers in posters. 
  • The old guard versus the new guard. 
  • Caring about properties. 
  • Forced perspective that grabs the eye and gives you vertigo. 
  • Art print appeals to the audience. 
  • When black and white imagery gets too much color and loses a lot of the striking contrast and details. 
  • Rogue One critiques and second run throughs. 


Here directly from Mike Mitchell about developing his many looks and what goes into developing a successful series like the profiles of Star Wars characters he is currently working on.

Last month's poster countdown was filled with everyone form Tom Whalen to DKNG to the highly influential Jay Ryan that Mark, Mitch, and Rob talk about in AID 550.

Jessica Seamans is a creative prodigy who has a substantial amount of work as one half of Landland. Their interview is a whole other caliber and explains why she constantly makes the Top 10.