549 - Lincoln Design Co: II

Lincoln Design Co. makes a speedy return to the AID Airwaves because one episode isn't enough to even scratch the surface of what this design studio has cranked out. This time Dan and Dustin sit down with Mark to get in depth on tow of their latest and greatest. Everything kicks off with Lincoln's work with Dark Star, Harley Davidson and the eventual collab between the two merging markets. From drop dead due dates to finishing production touches you get to hear how everything comes together from Lincoln's point of view. Next we switch gears to detail how they rose through the ranks of Hasbro to get their hands on Nerf and the eventual takeover of Aisle 10 at Target. Test projects, promo materials, and developing style guides are all flushed out and poured over one step at a time to give you a full sense of what its like at every step of the project. No stone is left unturned on this in depth interview with a design powerhouse up in Portland.

Talking Points

  • Are you a Beatles fan or an Elvis fan? Nirvana or Pearl Jam? Cat or dog?
  • Fake breakdowns by Friday Night Lights landmarks that lead to the loud unfollow. 
  • Life Livers or Social Scorers. 
  • Lincoln gets a whole new space with a thousand skateboards hanging on the walls. 
  • Open spaces that keep the crew together. 
  • Dark Star and Harley Davidson relationship beginnings. 
  • Bringing together merging markets. 
  • Buying one bike and then hundreds of shirts. 
  • From Broach Game to Buckle Game. 
  • Single usage graphics to keep prices down and jobs coming in. 
  • Balls deep on the Harley Davidson deal with Darkstar and Lincoln 
  • Darkstar as Harley, Harley as Darkstar, and developing style guides. 
  • Matt runs a three way to hit all markets. 
  • Weird illustration feedback and girls who don't wear helmets. 
  • Rough sketch phases versus tight first comps for building client confidence. 
  • Detail production decisions for the final vintage touches. 
  • Does it look forced, does it look like a mistake, or does it look just right?
  • Charging enough for jobs that are two seasons ahead with drop dead due dates. 
  • Tip to tail, sideways or vertical, and other design decisions in skateboard design. 
  • The return of the top hit. 
  • Replicating a template across six different iterations with problematic poodle illustrations. 
  • Who owns your nose?
  • Staying sensitive about stepping on toes while getting credit from the business side of things. 
  • Secretly being a big deal to a select few. 
  • The 8th Ply: Volume 1
  • Hanging your art in aisle 10 of Target. 
  • Hitting up Hasbro with your promo material. 
  • Test projects with Tonka packaging that eventually gave the green light to Nerf. 
  • Packaging twenty four different guns. 
  • A flickable sports series professionally designed and fit into a predetermine dye. 
  • Jumping past the exploration stage when you're traveling down the other for the second and third iterations. 
  • The Hasbro/Matel Lane and playing one off the other to generate more work. 
  • Getting put in a weird spot by competing interests that are crossing paths. 
  • Full rebrands and little sub logos no one will ever notice. 
  • The value of Printing out your pieces in real life and merchandise it out. 
  • Finding the side that feels like it fits the space.
  • Zoom percentages and screen sizes affecting your designs. 
  • Cork boarding it to get a better feel for what you made. 
  • A visual system for tracking jobs and staying busy. 
  • Event planning at Lincoln. 
  • Living in a city that actually values design. 
  • Pulling off a pop up with the big boys and learning to design for yourself.

Because you have to hear about how it all started! AID 511 is our introduction to Lincoln Design Co. and everything that makes them a such an incredible force to be reckoned with.

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