530 - Skinner: Part Two

Skinner returns to take you on an emotional rollercoaster that will exercise your demons and help you make peace with the world at large. Underneath the wild facade of lizard on lizard art is a complex artist working through what makes us all human and an unending search for truth. Mark and Skinner connect through a humanizing interview that we all need to hear to start reconnecting with the people around us. By sharing the life experiences that shaped these two creative powerhouses we can further understand the artist behind the work and the motivations underneath everything. Halfway through things get flipped and Mark find himself in a Skinnerview of his own and lets us in a little deeper to his own past as well. Come bond with a straight edge adult and a wild man vaping the night away talking about everything from the Krull Experience to understanding the momentum of your own heart.

Talking Points

  • Noticing the world around you and your reactions to it.
  • The mechanisms we use to acknowledge people that could seem like an overcompensation.
  • What do you have to lose form someone else's resistance?
  • Opening your heart and the effects of staying on defense mode.
  • Dealing with where your mind goes and keeping your perspective while making lizard on top of lizard art.
  • Depression, anxiety, and the momentum of your heart.
  • Psychological breakdowns and how our idealistic nature goes up against our narcissistic nature.
  • Attaining freedom from suffering.
  • Survival instincts, work ethic, and the non stop cycle of making the next thing to try and bring you happiness.
  • The search for truth and a hopeful shift in the social norm.
  • Jazz in the creative mind.
  • High workouts.
  • A case for and against marijuana.
  • Emotional interpretations, staying in the zone, and not messing with a good thing.
  • A lot of different kinds of abandonment and the common thread that bonds us all.
  • Going Broprah and deciding whether to leave a light on for certain people.
  • One of my parents is dead to me (literally and figuratively) and wanting to change what you can't control.
  • Telling a stranger the stories of your life and taking the power back.
  • Would you trade in your pain for a cool parent?
  • The Krull Experience at Disneyland and being the Bootleg Kid.
  • Toilet paper mummies and the oddities of a child's memories.
  • Watching Hulk Hogan hve sex and making a website for Jake The Snake.
  • The greatness of Bill Burr.
  • Hitting the "professional artists" quota.
  • Rising above the regurgitated shit from major media outlets.
  • Skinner's acting chops and his silver screen goals.
  • Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.
  • Money, the Gambler's lifestyle, and investing in yourself.
  • Peaking with Willie Nelson and Wee Man.
  • Funding long term projects that go directly to your audience to give you the ultimate bargaining chip.
  • Finding opportunity in the chaos.