531 - January Poster Countdown with Mitch Putnam

The Poster Countdown returns with Mitch Putnam back on the mic and Mark Brickey making the selections as they rank the best of the best from the month of January. These two image aficionados critique what makes each poster great and brings to light the tips and tricks that set each image apart. From image sources to compositional choices, no stone is left unturned as all ten choices from OMGposters.com get put through the ringer to give you more insight and greater foresight when you sit down to create. Mitch and Mark also offer up well kept industry secrets about crafting a career in the creative world and the business behind every great artist. January is jam packed with incredible picks that push the poster community to achieve new heights and continually refine an art form that has captured the imagination of millions of people. Throw in a couple of indie hits and some pop power plays and you have an ultimate countdown like none before it's existence.

Talking Points

  • Are you too close to someones else's signature style?
  • Trends in design and influencing the next generation.
  • The three levels of composition that can make a poster great.
  • Straight glass breakage and source image politics.
  • Are you building an interesting image?
  • Real world elements and levels of originality.
  • New views and compliments form the neck down.
  • Gauging the proper amount of detail.
  • Developing your own style and sticking to it.
  • Unearthing the magic of your own style.
  • Achieving new levels of depth with CMYK.
  • Making and breaking your own rules within a piece.
  • The career you have and the career you think you want.
  • Working within scarcity.
  • A Jay Ryan world  and his wife's children's books.
  • Working through the offbeat hits and licensing strategies.
  • The insane middle ground of film purgatory.
  • Type, layout, and composition.
  • Our generation finds its voice.
  • Finding motivation from competition.
  • A little news about an unnamed poster show.
  • Nailing the concept.
  • Relying on imagery to move units.
  • Starting your story in the middle to maintain attention.
  • Behind Killian Eng.
  • A lesson in overprinting and using your gut to find the appropriate model for a poster release.
  • Deliberately leaving money on the table to line your pockets later.
  • The artist, the title, and the quality.
  • Studying the past to predict the future.
  • Leveling up in a career and capturing the quiet that snow brings.
  • Guided by our libidos.
  • Becoming sexually aware through art and Johnny Appleporn out in the woods.
  • The giclee creation process.
  • Mondo Fan Fury and the fast entry of a rising star.
  • Cementing a new artist's place.
  • The future of Mondo and The Vacvvm.
  • Planning out Mondo Con 2017 and reverse engineering the work to be done.
  • Double dipping.
  • AID in MN.


Final Score: Pop 12 / Indie 8