529 - Breaking News

Gather around you blue neck hound dogs because this snicket is about to axed up by the two freshest murder clowns in podcasting. Just like a Gathering of the Juggalo's infomercial AID 529 is for the real fans that have questions that need answering. The People's Champ and Old Man Brickey dish out their collective decades of experience to field the hard hitting topics that come in live off the wire. How should you structure your business and handle your finances? What are some workarounds to help you land your dream clients? Should you ship all your products or take them with you when you travel? This is a chicken nugget buffet so be sure to nurdle before you ninjas start listening to this Breaking News episode so you have plenty of room to digest all of this information that will keep your skrilla on fleek.

Talking Points

  • Juggalo impersonations vs. James Flames impersonations.
  • Fan art from a Faygo sipping, AID downloading, ICP tee designing, Relish Brand owning fan.
  • The state of The State Of The Podcast and the economic climate.
  • Download numbers, the future of AID, and going outside the wall of design.
  • Time, money, and resource allocation.
  • Banks, tax liability, and best business structures.
  • Handling cash and audits.
  • Pre-printing rituals with and without vertigo.
  • Damaged Dogs for Damaged Children.
  • Advice on bringing a furry friend into your life and an "I'm Anonymous" moment.
  • 2 dogs. 1 leash (and some leather).
  • Is it fruitless to try for impossible clients?
  • Passive income while you flirt with the universe.
  • Traditional jobs, rebel tendencies, and workarounds to get into the world you want to be.
  • Getting your business cards into people's offices.
  • Digitally networking without shooting for the impossible.
  • The process that isn't an accident and finding the through line in the work.
  • What do you have and what are your resources?
  • Upcoming AID plans, workshops, and some solid hangs.
  • Donut rock wall climbing.
  • Is Mark walking away from Disney?
  • Dreams, playing chicken, and analyzing what fits into your future.
  • Policing Brickeyland Trips and balancing how you make a living.
  • Getting involved with some sewing circles and going out of your way to make relationships.
  • The problem with Making Jim Madison great again and the fat cat in Bowling Green.
  • You, your schedule, how bad you need money, and working for your girlfriend's parents.
  • Freelance, in-house work, and the gray area Brian Steely carved out.
  • Should you ship your products, check in a bag, or split ship when you travel for shows?
  • An update on the potential Summer Of Sean and figuring out the fixed costs.
  • Networking post-school and digging for the community you want.
  • Pushing your own pop culture and Mark's 2016 flops.
  • Vacation plans and a look into the schedule.
  • Slipping money in the bag with the worst sandwich and working with yourself because you're an asshole.