528 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and OK Pants

Shop Talk returns in all its glory with Aaron Sechrist AKA OKpants and Billy Baumann of Delicious Design League. Bang drums. Kill bosses. Everything is once again right in the AID Universe and we are getting back to business as usual with everything from alternative facts to the entire unabridged history of Image Comics. Everyone is searching for their motivation in the face of political adversity and the boys are here to let you know you're not in this fight alone. Some creatives are even down in the dumps because they feel alone in being chained to utility work that everyone else is also somewhat secretly doing. Mark, Billy, and Aaron have been there before too and they'll talk you off the ledge with some antics that will most definitely be ensuing. Now let's take back the streets with some PMA and some AID! 

Talking Points

  • Pre podium coverage and "Everything's Fucked. We're all fucked."
  • Typeforce, the DDL Instagram account falls into a funk, and the spirit of Disneyland in Japan.
  • Falling further down the rabbit hole of the Netflix Marvel Universe.
  • Jim Koch's rebuttal. 
  • Alternative facts about Aaron's mental state in Pantsland.
  • Pulling a George Constanza on your life to rediscover the fun in your work.
  • Getting right no matter where you are.
  • Drinking fountain facts and double thumbs up for days.
  • Kids these days.
  • Back when Billy made the cut for his first time being featured in a book.
  • Yelling at Whistle Blowers, letters on credit cards, and purging long boxes that were religiously filled up.
  • The bottom drops out of the spandex based comic book industry.
  • Mark's entry point into the world of comics and Mark's Niece's entry point into comics.
  • The utility work that everyone does and no one shows.
  • Billy is back, telling Chip and Dale apart, and why Baskets is hands down the best!
  • The separation of Church and State in the film industry.
  • Where do the guys get their news from?
  • Analyzing the vessel of humanity and holding everyone accountable for the voices social media gave them.
  • The greatest gift that time ever gave Aaron to understand the weight of words.
  • Humanizing Trump on a talk show and uniting America against him.
  • Are we buying into the venom and what is truly important.

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I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story
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