511 - Lincoln Design Co.

Lincoln Design Co. has the client roster you've always dreamed of. Lincoln Design has the talent you've always wished was yours. Lincoln Design earned every bit of it with countless hours of cranking out the best work possible... and then some. Mark sits down with owner/founder Dan Janssen and creative director Dustin Noden to find the secret in the well designed sauce. Not only have they made work for Nike, Hot Wheels, Wacom, Harley Davidson, and Disney but they have their own internal collateral ranging from tees to zines that speak volumes about their capabilities and creativity. Sit back and get ready to meet your new heroes from the Pacific Northwest who have redefined hard work and mind melting style.

Talking Points

  • Making your own Bones Brigade. 
  • Keeping everyone on the same page with respect and leadership.
  • Utilizing the whole team for the greatest impact.
  • Working for The Bird Man and what it means to be an icon.
  • The importance of putting in the face time.
  • Maintaining long term relationships with dream clients.
  • Never promise what you can;t do at 100%.
  • Who does what at Lincoln?
  • Transitional periods in business that can potentially kill your momentum.
  • Making collateral for yourself.
  • Neutral territory for effective team building.
  • The art of cranking.
  • Are you over critiquing your projects?
  • The difference in print.
  • Pricing out your promo materials and the long term value in it.
  • When is it time to bring on another employee?
  • The ups and downs form project to project.
  • Switching gears to brand for Barbie.
  • Hot Wheels logo changes and building WWE Superstar style guides for licensees.
  • The rise of seasonal skateboard series.
  • Essential Place Guide or Tip To Tail Graphics.
  • Internal scheduling for your own branding.
  • Traditional Ad Agency models and accounting for incorporating the lifestyle you lead.
  • Making things for the maid to throw away.
  • Heavy bags, mini ramps, and building the brand.