510 - Mark Brickey and Sean Mort

Your favorite Best Friends in Broadcasting are back and this time Greg Kerr of Miles To Go and Pin Game Strong joins them on the show. Before things kick off Mark and Sean get into life with Patches, producing AID, and an artist's social responsibility. Once Greg joins them the episode takes a long hard look at the business behind the creativity, brand development, and rollout strategies for your product line. The Breaking News hotline is back open and now that the show is for Circle Of Trust Members only we can really take our time to unbox some serious chicken nuggets you've been waiting to hear.

Talking Points

  • Getting ready for Patches and SXSW.
  • Paternity leave and peak behind the curtain of production.
  • AID on the road in 2017.
  • Racism in America and an artist's responsibility to speak out.
  • Two good things going and evaluating which one is best.
  • Paying for expertise in a world of amateurs.
  • Sending that bucket of yellow to the moon and back.
  • A tribute to The Yellow 44.
  • Strained relationships and hush money.
  • Other people who are counting your money and arguing with themselves about how much of it is theirs.
  • Taking credit for work you didn't do.
  • The three things that effect a business owner's ego.
  • Professional Prom Slut.
  • Finding the right place to do your work and avoiding black holes of emotional energy.
  • When is it time for someone else to print your work and how does it affect profitability?
  • How many products do you need to build legitimacy.
  • Initial brand strategy rollout, engaging your market, and testing what works.
  • Where do most people fall off when launching a new concept.
  • Know your audience.
  • Getting a perspective from the top view.
  • The iPad Pro or the Cintiq.
  • Taking The Mission Of Trust in chunks or doing it as intended.