509 - Shop Talk with Dave Cook and Kloc

Shop Talk is back with a Double Dave vengeance as Mark sits down with Bonethrower AKA Dave Cook and the K Man AKA Dave Kloc in not so sunny Los Angeles. As the boys sit in the Silverlake Studio they get into the world of screenprinting, self employment, and wearing every single hat along the way to making a sale. Dave Cook and Dave Kloc still keep most of their art making process in analog form and they each share their technical difficulties and how they found the determination to overcome them. After all that blood sweat and tears, they even break down the heartbreaks of getting complimented on someone else's work when it comes their way. What more can these two endure? Just because you love something doesn't always mean you'll be successful at it but nevertheless... antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • The #1 myth about screenprinting is dispelled.
  • Acclimating to Southern California temperatures and going soft.
  • Handling the various costs of living as you make a new locale home.
  • The love hate relationship of self employment. 
  • Finding profits in printing.
  • Planing your brand and scripting out your sales.
  • Effectively setting up a webstore after you've already done everything else.
  • If you want to live... don't sleep in your studio?
  • The detrimental effects of an audience on your skill set.
  • Making your house a home by having a studio somewhere else.
  • Fuel in the tank and significant others.
  • Analog, digital, and the fascination between the two disciplines.
  • Building muscle memory and confidence in your art.
  • The ability to get things done and the power behind a checklist.
  • Dave and Dave confront their biggest hurdles in retail.
  • Closing customer loopholes and limiting the portals they can contact you with.
  • Getting compliments for someone else's work and taking credit for someone else's work.
  • Paying the bills with goofy dogs.
  • Taking your commisioned pieces to the next level and The Cook Book AKA Dave's Idea.
  • Making the decision to follow through.
  • Mark admits to thievery.